république de la malbouffe

république de la malbouffe

The exhibition

Nadia Benbouta/ Pascal Colrat/ Gaston Damag/ Julien Taylor
République de la Malbouffe 

January 26 to February 25, 2012

Private vie February 2

République de la Malbouffe is an exhibition that supports the film by Jacques Golstein and Xavier Denamur.

La galerie Talmart has assembled four artists, representative of its artistic intentions; Pascal Colrat and Julien Taylor, whom it represents, and two guest artists : Nadia Benbouta and Gaston Damag. 

Through his social interests and responsabilities,  Xavier Denamur transmitted to Marc Monsallier, director of the Galerie Talmart, a wish to participate in the fight against fast food with an exhibition whose exhibits would be specifically produced .

Four established artists got together over a hearty meal and came up with their interpretations on the subject. Often amusing, canvases, stuffed animals, photos, staged junk-food and sculptures, are presented in a white cube.

Nadia Benbouta stages her gardeb gnomes, Pascal Colrat deals with the generale issues, Gaston Damag returns from the Philipines with an original sculpture, Julien Taylor construct a complex photomontage whre the levels of cooking come into conflict.

Following in its tradition, the gallery will be a space of quality art, commitment and pleasure.

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